“This was my second session with him and he is seriously one of the most wise, calm people I have ever come across! In my last consultation, he helped clear up my lower chakra which helped with my menstrual pain- but this time he tuned into what my body was going through and explained exactly what I was experiencing. Even though this is a session, I also feel that he is my teacher in a sense and gave me a lot of tools that I could continue to integrate myself. Everything he said resonated with me completely. Thank you so, so much! He was so detailed in explaining my body type/energy level and always took the time to answer all of my questions. If anyone is wondering if they should go into a session with Jordan, please do!!”
-Lina C.

“In my time with Jordan, he listened closely to what I had to share, and sensed into my energy.
He understood what I said and where I was coming from, and through that, helped me by seeing and reflecting back to me something of myself that I came to for healing.
Having an open heart and good intentions, jordan helped to demonstrate some practical techniques and awareness domains to help my self self heal and grow for further development and integration.
I feel something has changed, as if a critical spot has been cracked, and now the dams is breaking as more fluid flows through the blockage and resistance.
His words channeled from spirit were succinct to seal and complete the time, and left to inspire us both with a presence of higher guidance and otherness.
I’m grateful for Jordan’s help and presence and would recommend his work for anyone looking to gain awareness and knowledge of their body-mind-spirit dynamic.”
-Steve M.

“This evening I had a great session with Jordan Lavigne!! He helped me understand compressed energy vs expansion, solid rounding WITH fluidity like water…Oh yeah some good stuff!! I have had some serious creative blocks and some blocks within regards to my health and over all energy flow. With just a few tweaks and energy exercises…I already feel energized, excited, happy to be able to take steps towards what it is I am looking to achieve. Will power is what I am focusing on. It’s time to create!!!! Thank you Jordan. It was so worth it! Even if we were interrupted by my little person!”
-Karen S.

“I’ve been lucky enough to experience Jordan’s energy work on two separate occasions. First online and second through an amazing retreat hosted by him and Leija in beautiful BC. I would recommend his work to everyone. I think everyone could benefit from what he has to offer.

First experience:
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I had my first online healing session with Jordan. I knew I was ready to begin a big physical, mental and spiritual overhaul, and I figured an energy reading and some clearing work were a good place to begin. Jordan was able to pinpoint physical areas I was struggling with (some I knew about and some I didn’t realize had been bothering me because I stopped paying attention to them). He had some great advice herbally speaking on some supplements that could help me through the transition I was about to make. He instructed me about tapping and concentrating on different areas of my body to bring my awareness to these places to help that part of my body to wake up and heal. And he finished my doing a clearing on me. After the session I felt so calm and clear headed and began my transition. I had a great will power that I hadn’t had before and was able to make some leaps and bounds towards my goals. The tapping and concentration to bring awareness to my body was amazing. I was surprised how sore I was in certain areas that I just had numbed myself to. After doing this routinely for several weeks I felt a renewed liveliness that I hadn’t felt for years.

Incidentally about three weeks before I left for the retreat I injured myself pretty badly in accident at home that left me with a broken leg bone and a torn ligament. I was told by my doctor that surgery was an option but that the recovery time was about 6 months. This wasn’t an option for me . Instead I wore a brace during the day while I was working and with my children, then at night I would gently tap my leg and knee and concentrate on energy flowing through the area. Within a week I was out of my brace. And in three weeks I was hiking at the retreat in the mountains. It’s been six weeks now and I’m completely healed, my doctor was totally surprised.

Second experience:
The retreat is hard to sum up in words. It was simply amazing and exactly what I needed. Jordan’s energy work at the retreat was so intense, it was really life changing. Jordan taught me how to really begin to pay attention to my body and he taught us some of the correlations between physical and emotional ailments. It was incredibly interesting and when I applied it to myself it made perfect sense. On top of all the wonderful things Jordan taught us and insights that he gave during the retreat he also did some very in depth energy work on us. As my turn began I closed my eyes and could almost immediately feel the energy stirring inside of me and then very acutely a part of my brain started to buzz, I never had felt anything like it before, the buzz was pretty intense and almost ached, all the while I was feeling movements of energy in and just outside of the rest of my body. It was so cool. I felt so aware. I could feel other less intense buzzing sensations elsewhere during my session, and as the session continued I felt more clarified, I felt I could breathe easier and I felt more clear headed and happy. Eventually a calm peace came over me and I knew that he was done working with me. Jordan told me of some of the blockages he was working on and a big one was the area I felt earlier aching in my head. It was a great experience and now several weeks later I’m still feeling the effects of more clarified energy pathways and a greater understanding of my body, my energy and my emotions. I feel much more aware and therefore in control of what is happening in my body. It’s definitely empowering.

I really recommend Jordan’s energy work to everyone, he is a very skilled and aware individual, an excellent teacher and practitioner, plus he is down to earth and easy to talk to. Do a session with him, you won’t regret it!
-Katie M. B.

“So energy work with Jordan, WOW! What an experience I tell you!! I sat down on that chair with no expectations, I knew that “bad” or “trapped” energy was going to be cleared out but I didn’t necessarily think I would notice it. Suddenly I felt a soft energy “pull” in the air around my head. I couldn’t see what Jordan was doing but my head moved back and forward, side to side by energy. I had never felt anything like this ever before! (well that strong at least) It was so cool! I felt stuff happening within my organs, it almost felt like I started digesting really well lol. I felt myself take deep breaths, stretching my spine and breathing out, my posture changed and so on. Also towards the end my right arm started to “jump” Jordan later told me that was because he was clearing out trapped energy from my right shoulder through my arm. When he was finished I opened my eyes without him saying that we were done, I just knew.

After I still didn’t really understand what was going on, but I felt an immense love towards him and everyone around me, I could breathe more deeply than I felt that I had in a long time (sometimes I feel like I can´t get enough air). I stood up and then I started to feel my whole body vibrating, I felt a little dizzy and started to cry, pretty overwhelming. I sat down again and my face, my hands and my thighs was vibrating so so fast and i said to him “I feel like I´m going to disappear” (this was in a good positive way, not in a frightening one) He said to put my hands on my belly (to ground myself I think). I asked him what was happening and he said that all my “chakras/energy centers” where open and that I felt that I “was everything”.

I was shaking and it felt almost like when you’ve had a major emotional release and everything feels a little lighter, and then suddenly that really fast vibrating energy coming of off my body just stopped. But I still felt the change. I felt like I grew, almost physically.

Thank you Jordan It was so cool to be able to experience this and learn what I have within myself. And I have a great respect for you as a person and energy feeler/worker/knower/wizard. There are many names lol!” -Claudian O.

“Jordan’s energy work was life-transforming! This past retreat in Kelowna I experienced his work one-on-one (he always makes time for everybody), and after I felt so alive, rejuvenated, light, cleansed, powerful, happy, and peaceful!!! I’ve had him do this once on me before and the first time I remember crying. It was all the negativity and emotions trapped inside were coming out rather than manifesting themselves in physical symptoms which would ultimately lead to problems in the body (if they are not addressed). I am a peaceful and happy person most of the time, yet I was unaware of these emotions trapped in my body until Jordan did his energy work. I believe it helps everyone in some way. His energy work was so powerful I was told by Jordan and a few others who were watching that I was moving in my chair with my eyes closed as Jordan was moving his hands. We were simultaneously moving together just through energy! I didn’t know why I was moving around in my chair, swaying, sitting up and slouching and moving forward and backward…but I just went with it. It was only when I opened my eyes I had a few people tell me that I was moving together with his hands, it was phenomenal! His teachings were also very comprehensive! I came in knowing nothing about Qigong and after having talked with Jordan I’ve learned more than I can imagine. He is very knowledgeable in many aspects and answers all and any questions and always delivers more than I anticipate! The meditation sessions he also conducts is the most powerful I have experienced. These guided meditations are very useful into tapping out of the physical realms and he speaks in a way which does not distract from meditating but rather complements it (which was not what anyone would expect unless they have experienced a guided meditation session with Jordan).
Everything learned from Jordan is not only a one-time experience, they are things you can carry on with you for the rest of your life and you will benefit from it for as long as you need/use them!!! He also showed us all at the retreat how to target the vital organs and the importance of focusing our attention to each and every one of them, as well as how to release all tension and stress, anger, and other negative emotions that find their way to these organs. There are just so many wonderful and super helpful services Jordan is gifted in and able to provide for our general well being! Thank you Jordan!!”
-Renuka B.

“I hope to share as honestly as is humanly possible the depth of Jordan’s healing/guidance session.
First of all, Jordan is so much fun and it would be pretty hard to feel uneasy with him.
We had our session over face book chat, which can be helpful if you want a copy of all that was discussed during the session. I shared with him what I wanted help with and he was already in tune with it before I posted it to him.
He did some major, major energy/healing work on me which was really a gift. He also gave spot on guidance. Everything he said to me was a confirmation with what my higher power/self had already been sharing with me. And yet, what he said gave me new insights and perspectives that helped me work through blocks that I had been stuck on for a long time.
What you see is what you get, there is nothing but love from Jordan. He is a gifted, highly intuitive and wise soul. Our entire session, even when delving into darker places within me, was empowering and inspiring.
He works with you and your pace. His work is intense but it was never overwhelming or uncomfortable. He was always willing to slow it down if I needed it. Even when some of my past trauma rose to the surface, it was only present for a moment and then gone.
There is no doubt in my mind that Jordan is consciously working with the Divine/Source/whatever name you may call it.
The other aspect of the session that I wanted to touch on, which I was very thankful for, is the fact that it didn’t stop with his one healing/guidance session. I was shown practical ways to continue on the healing work myself and he invited me to contact him if I had any questions over the next few days. I was also going to have clearings that he set in motion and that my guides would be helping me with, over the next few day.
It is usually safe to assume that the most substantial healing will take place during the actual healing session. But this time, that wasn’t the case. The next few days that followed I experienced major activations, clearing blocks and my energy remained and even rose…well, to much clearer and energized levels. It is really helping me along my current life path.
I’m really thankful that I listened to my intuition and booked a session with him because it was more than I could ask for. Did I mention what a blast it was? I was smiling and laughing almost the entire time as my soul opened to receive ecstatic love. Jordan was a way shower back to who I truly am.
I whole-heartedly recommend booking a session with him.”
-Elizabeth M.

“Jordan has changed my entire life! :D That is no exaggeration by any means and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. After having a session I would have a period of emotional release where some issues I was dealing with would come up to the surface to be cleared. After this, I would experience a feeling of elation and clarity and above all, like I was closer to my true authentic self. That is what i am most grateful for; Jordan’s work has brought me closer and closer to my authentic self; deep fears that I thought I would live with forever have been lifted and I’m feeling much more in tune with spirit and truth than ever before. I also feel much more grounded and able to cope with whatever comes my way in life. Jordan’s wisdom also pointed me right back to knowing that I am totally in control of my own life and how I perceive my experiences which is exactly what I needed. He helped me to move from a place of fear, shame and guilt to one of total confidence, greater peace, joy and greater love. Thank you soooo much Jordan!”
-Tamara K.

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