Retreats and Playshops

Jordan, Leija and Mandy will be hosting a retreat this September 4th to 10th in beautiful British Columbia, Canada! We’ll be based in a beautiful vacation house near a sandy ocean beach between Comox and Campbell River and be graced by the fresh, beautifully abundant Pacific Northwest environment. We’ll be within driving distance to the stunning Strathcona Provincial Park, Mount Washington, and other scenic spots, which we’ll explore together. Other than rejuvenating our spirit in nature, the focus of this retreat will be on cultivating a deeper connection with our inner being.


This (adults only) retreat features a relaxing and rejuvenating 5 day (plus 2 partial days) nature getaway, mixed with a series of deeply impactful “whole being development” playshops. The more “educational” periods will be focused on facilitating alignment, embodiment and transformation, mixed with more casual periods of application/creativity, play and freedom! Note: If  you’re seriously interested in attending a retreat like this, but wish the retreat was in early August instead, let us know. If there are enough people interested in a retreat from Aug. 1st to the 7th, we’ll host one then as well! 🙂

Some of the awesome things that will be included in this retreat:

-An Introduction to Vine of Life Alchemy, much like a modern presentation of pre-taoist/shamanic elemental principles, including teachings on the perspectives of unity, duality/polarity, trinity, 4 direction and 5 element theory
-Discourse, practical discussion and practice of life nourishing principles, balancing our inner natural rhythms, including meditations and informative discussion on living in deeper alignment in every day life, learning to develop a deep mindbody connection, as well as explore deeper layers of our perception and inner beings, such as our connection to the earth, the sun and the cosmos!
-Daily warm ups and introductory practice of shamanic dao yin qigong as well as vine of life alchemical movement  and repatterning sessions with Jordan! These are subtle and powerful practices to develop our awareness, intent, breath, movement and energy as deeply as possible within our beings, and may be facilitated by shamanic energy work and amplified through our group energy!
-The opportunity to learn practices which enhance one’s clarity, vitality, personal alignment/freedom, and connection to the inner self and the universe

-The opportunity to learn and practice meditation/non-doing and energetic repatterning/nonpatterning practices individually and/or in group sessions! These practices can be very powerful and transformational!
-Beautiful and deeply nourishing nature outings which will include a fun day trip throughout the stunning Strathcona Provincial Park, sunbathing/relaxing/walking on the beach (plus kayaking and swimming if you desire!), nature walk to gorgeous waterfalls and through lush, magical forested trails, and nature meditations. Learn to connect with trees!
-Shinrin-yoku/forest bathing and tree qigong! Learn to commune more deeply with nature and the elements!

-SUPER tasty, nutritious vegan, raw vegan and gluten-free meals, snacks and desserts (All your food and beverages are included!)
-Beautiful and peaceful accommodations by the ocean!
-Unlimited holistic health advice and guidance from Jordan, Leija and Mandy!
-If you fear that you’ll forget some of the practices/material taught at this retreat, don’t worry! 🙂 The price and experience of this retreat also includes video recordings of the teaching/training sessions as well as access to Jordan’s 1st level Vine of Life Alchemy Coursework!

If you’re more directly interested in the practical aspects of the retreat, such as the qigong practices, these are some of the core facets of the foundational training we’ll aim to include!

-Cultivating Heart Posture(Developing Intent in a Spiritual Practice)
-Physical/Cranialsacral posturing and self-adjustment
-How to practice health cultivaion/internal alchemy lying down, sitting, standing, walking and using full body awareness and play
-Natural, Taoist, Wave, 6 Direction and Whole Body Breathing Methods
-Life and Death Qigong
-Dan Tien and Golden Ball Qigong/Neigong
-Eight Mysterious Flows Neigong
-Heaven and Earth Qigong/Neigong
-Beginner to Advanced Static and Dynamic Primordial and Primal Movement
-5 Animal Qigong
-Vine of Life Alchemical Movement(Spontaneous Movement and Energy Medicine from accessing the internal tides/rhythms/waves of the body and cultivating intent via communion with nature)
-Formal and spontaneous recapitulation(repatterning/non-patterning), meditation and contemplation practice


The price of this retreat package varies based on the accommodations you choose. Available options are written out below. The prices are in Canadian $ (CAD). If you’re not Canadian, make sure to check out an online currency converter to figure out how much the retreat is in your country’s currency.

Option 1: Shared Common Room with 2 twin and 2 double beds, toilet and combination tub/shower
-Twin beds @$1100 each
-Double beds @$1150 each

Option 2: Private Bedroom with 1 queen bed, toilet, soaker tub and shower @$1100/person (if you’re part of a couple sharing this room) OR $1450 for a single person

Option 3: Master Suite with 1 queen bed, toilet, 2 person steam shower and 2 person jacuzzi @$1150/person (if you’re part of a couple sharing this room) OR $1650 for a single person

Option 4: Private Cabin next to Retreat House with 1 queen bed, toilet, shower and outdoor shower @$1150/person (if you’re part of a couple sharing this room) OR $1650 for a single person 

You can secure your spot with a $440 CAD Security Deposit. Accommodations will be granted on a first come, first serve basis, so once you make your deposit you will be able to select your accommodations. The total amount is due no later than July 31st, 2017. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you pay the total amount before June 16th, you’ll receive a $100 discount off the total price. Payment methods can be discussed via email. Our emails are listed at the bottom of this page.

Important last note about the experience we are offering!

This retreat is will be amazing for the truly open minded, and those seeking and walking a path with heart! Although the presentation and practice will be based on fairly simple, practical and rather innate principles that are “right under our noses” so to speak, they can at times be physically, mentally and spiritually engaging (like mindfulness yoga, martial arts or shamanic training can be!). It can be simple, yet complex and in depth, and although the work is specifically presented and practiced to be gentle on our being, it can be quite POTENT! Just like some forms of breathwork can be “overstimulating” to some people at first when they have not experienced or conditioned themselves with such practices, some of this work will be a “pandiculation” so to speak; they will stretch us into a deeper feeling awareness of our “limits and boundaries” and begin to dissolve and/or redefine them! 🙂

This type of practice is about learning to directly access the energetic fields of ourselves, the planet etc., possibly causing heightened states of awareness, deeper levels of sensitivity and vitality, “supernormal” type experiences, and/or radical shifts in perspective and perception. It’s mostly based on relaxation (aka releasing tension), but it opens people up! If you choose to take part, the only requirement is that you honestly hold in your intention the desire to be open to healing and transformation, and possibly allow for the setting aside, or maybe even the complete dissolution of long standing beliefs, emotions, mentalities and stories.

That said, we don’t recommend coming to the retreat hoping to be healed of some sort of debilitating illness/trauma. While we all have our fair share to heal, and this is indeed a “healing retreat” of sorts, this is not quite the place for health treatment, as it is more of a highly focused space of exploration, play and discovery. Anyone wanting to take part must be feel able to join in for most, if not all of the activities and practices, as well as simply have the willingness to be part of the group. This type practice is oriented to people who may want to deeply explore the realms of body, mind, energy and spirit, contemplators of the nature of reality and those who wish to learn to embrace inner stilless. All the healing and transformative practices are based on finding our core being and releasing what is between “us” and our true nature. All activities will be gauged and monitored to be sure they’re done at a level the participant is ready for. And while we won’t be doing anything too crazy or strenuous, having the ability to, for example, walk a moderately easy 30 minute nature trail (including a few flights of stairs) is recommended.

Be prepared for periods of silence! As well as a ton of silliness and humor. This is a safe place for you and others to transform, take major steps towards walking the walk so to speak and to become a radiantly alive, super connected and aware human being. No new age nonsense, pure principle and embodiment. Be prepared to hear things that may challenge your subconscious beliefs! Through connecting with our inner being, feeling ourselves as pure awareness/as light and information, our consciousness can begin to have a direct impact on the energetic and physical aspects of the body. Huge shifts can occur for anyone deciding to partake in this level of inner healing work! So be ready for serious transformation!

Contact us if you have any questions/for more details via this website or at one of the following emails:

Thank you!