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Personal Sessions-What is it all about?- Vine of Life Alchemy

I’m going to give a decent introduction to what goes on in sessions I do.
This won’t be scientific, but perceptual in nature.
I may speak more specifically regarding these things in a more “complete” way in a later post, speaking about psychoendocrinology, epigenetics, fluid dynamics, brain state synchronization, somatic economy, the primovascular system etc.
We’re gonna go deep here, hold on, long read.

I have seen simply amazing shifts and changes occur in people from an hour or 2 of work, even just one time.
A few of the people on my friend’s list(and at least a handful that are not on facebook) have seen some really cool things happen from this type “work”.
I’ve seen backs heal, menstrual pain disapear, anger released, joy found, sadness embraced…I’ve seen infections leave the body physically, and have also seen injuries
heal faster. This is all just an expression of inner harmony.
Sometimes it looked more like “energy work” sometimes more like “acupressure”, sometimes I didn’t move and neither did they, sometimes we shook and shouted and moved like the wind, sometime it is still and flowing and peaceful, and little seems to happen, yet a great sense of well being and communion is allowed to deeply permeate the body.

A lot of what we can explore is or looks like movement, exploring interoception and proprioception, mobility and motility. I have a playful approach to movement or “articulation and pandiculation” to increase nervous system and circulatory health health which is priceless.
Physiological/Visceral, Energetic, Embryological, Elemental and Primoridal layers of our being can be explored through movement medicine. Fascial stretching and unwinding is glorious and learning the basics of how to feel and control your own energy system and connect to nature, all very potent by itself.
I also share a deep knowledge of holistic health that is incredibly useful for most people including basic use of food and herbs for health maintenance…these are all awesome to explore and include in our lives, but I will share some more about how I explore change and healing personally and with others.

There is more that I have been sharing with people that has come from time spent learning “energy medicine” from others which at times seemed unnecessarily complex, or utterly watered down and over simplified.
When I felt into someone, and was practicing something specific, most of the time it didn’t always seemed like the body wanted or needed what I was being “told to do” according to some method. I began to form my own perceptions based on the real principles at work, through a deep listening to the body/spirit and seeing what came from this. Through more shamanic studies, I began to be open to my own inner teachings as they’ve been revealed to me, and as I’ve continued my on personal training.
It is not really a method, it is not even “energy work” most of the time as most would call it.
There is no one thing I do that is “the answer”, but within my study of presence and internal dynamics, I’ve pinpointed and highlighted core principles and ways to re-introduce them to people in a playful and intuitive manner.
I began to merge the playful, fluid, freedom bringing quality of somatic movement, with the principles of energy medicine.
We connect, move, breath, feel and speak, in a field of awareness that is similar to how a cranialsacral therapist would hold and listen to someone’s body, but I’ve learned to do it at any distance, as presence is infinite. Communing, as I describe, is when presence connects through more than one “body”. This is when spirit touces spirit, touch without touch.
Unless we’re in person, then I might actually be making physical contact 😉

When we begin, I guide us into resonance with ourselves.
I commune. I feel/listen. I am in presence. I dn’t attempt to direct or change anything I simply dip into the living current and open myself to the infinite. Through invitation and guidance, I allow you to do so to the best of your ability.
I move and act how I am led to move and act and I invite you to do the same.

Through natural resonance, the more open the other is to coming along, the deeper we can go. How deep we can go together naturally will dictate the depth and/or expression of how spirit will play, how things may shift. We canbegin to look at and feel those things that may come to us as feelings of “blockage” or “disturbance” after deepening our presence, and see what is ready to be shifted, when we are conscious of such things and have the desire/intent to choose to change things, than at times it can be as easy as counting down from 10 to 1, or slowly shifting awareness down a scale from 100 to 0, shifting towards our awareness towards a more centered state of being that may have been shadowed by our perception of something being “wrong” or off”, and feeling what is real and true “behind it”. In the same ways, we can re-invigorate/raise up our spirit, our natural awareness as well.

We simply mask as dark and wrong, what we are unaware of. The things that may be paining us or steering us subconsciously, we bring into our conscious awareness, in a way that unifies conscious and subconscious mind, is how alchemy can begin to take place. We find a wholeness, a unified field, an assemblage of awareness and a deep, luminous stillness within our bodies, should we dive in and drop the excess charge of the areas and layers which have stored fear, worry, anger, guilt, shame, unconsciousness etc.
The more we come into a place of allowing this unity/presence/love to cultivate itself within us, the more that everything else falls away. This is a journey though, not a “fix me up doctor” type of scenario. I am there to facilitate fine tuning, as your own higher mind dictates. I am not there to heal or control you.

No matter where a person is at in the beginning, from this deeper space of connection and presence, feeling can come, seeing can come, knowing can come, it is natural. It is not like most of what I have learned, although what I have learned has led me to it. It is accessing what we already are. If healing or something miraculous happens, you have allowed to happen, we have simply chosen to walk towards this openness and presence together.

Numbness and dis-embodiment are the first obstacle to healing and change, so I invite people into embodiment and deeper felt presence with me, this invites spirit, this allows emotional charges to drop away, as energy is awakened.
Sometimes quite a bit of time is needed to just to re-orient the mind and allow for the body to be felt and accepted, sometimes there are main bockages of anger, grief etc, but through access the wholeness of our being,

When things are shown to me, I am seeing what YOU are doing already, what you’re emanating, what your energy is seeking out. We are communing, and I am seeing what YOU are in the process of shifting, as changes are already occuring, time doesn’t exist and you are already getting exactly what you want/need as per your timeline, and I am feeling the part of you that knows how this happens, the part of you that is beyond this…when we play, we are all beyond this.

The key to this all of this is stillness and relaxation at first, especially when addressing sensitive matters. We can enter a deep relaxation through facilitated tension release. We then begin to access feelings and beliefs that we are magnifying in our systems, and see what is underneath them…what are we repressing and what are we desiring to express? The regathering of our own power/energy and awareness/intent can be explored in literally infinite ways. There ques, tricks and games we can play to activate the body with the mind. The work seems shamanic/energetic in many way and it can be at times, but is mostly somatic because we’re allowing the body to do what it already wants to do.

We feel it sometimes when we hug our mothers, when we feel love and deep connection with someone that brings us beyond the mind, maybe playing music, as we feel we are played BY the song, and not the other way around. Sometimes we feel it more intensily when we are frightened for our lives, or in the middle of a car wreck.
These interesting shifts in our state of being(shifts in our assemblage point) come from entering a completely different state/space/intent than our usual, it becomes more possible, or more obvious to us, to shift to non-ordinary states of awareness through the “grip” of our intent.
We can literally embrace ourselves with our minds/spirits.

As the body is awakened and we reconnect with our intent, together we can at least explore some peace and clarity, or even unleash enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a powerful way to re-awaken our sense of playfulness and freedom, through which spontaneous self-orientation can occur including internal movements and shifts of the assemblage point.
Sometimes these are subtle shifts, with subtle results, which is great, slow is great most of the time, some people think thet want to be “opened wide” to spirit, but are simply not prepared for such an opening. Sometimes they are “oh, very nice!” results, if a person really dives in an explores, or has a shift ready to occur and needs a “bump” and sometime they are “WOW…” results. It all depends on what someone is ready for and where they’re already heading. Sometimes people need help with a 180 degree life shift, before much of the “deeper work” can be done, which can totally be explored and smoothed out first…but sometimes people are ready to blast off! I worked with the entire spectrum at this point, those who are ready to finally feel relaxed, and those who are ready to be totally over hauled by spirit.

It is one thing to have learned a system, or to have practiced a skill, to have learned a trick or a technique, a que or a dialogue, or undergone a training. It is another to simply allow yourself to be in that core, to step into the torrent of life that is either ripping us to shreds, or enlivening us to the core in every moment.
Like dancing, playing music, doing internal martial arts, yoga, meditation etc. all of it takes some practice that follows some underlying principles, but it can eventually flow naturally like a river, it can grow like a vine, be expressed like music.
When we know that we are simply shaping our mind/intent and body, to a position that allows for certain things to happen, we can practice taking certain postures, and releasing everything not associated with our core in that posture.
Eventually, ideally, we want to be able to take the neutral posture of pure beingness, and reside there a LOT, make it a part of every day life.

Kids learn this way, when they play…they put their center, their heart into everything, every moment, total awe and wonder. They can and do forget everything else, they live fully and dream fully, wake and sleep, without unnecassary inhibition…until we shape them differently. How have you been shaped by your upbringing, environment, family, relationships, habits, career? We can indeed shift external things around to access more so called “freedom”, but if we do not address our shape, our bodies will crave the same patterns, the subconscious has the wheel.

How conscious/unconscious was this? When you feel what feels “wrong” with your life can you feel it in your body? Can you feel how you’ve been shaped around that energy, and have begun to protect and build it? Can you imagine yourself without that? FEEL yourself without that? Do you think you can play with another shape? A shape with more openness, more breath, more freedom? What does that feel like? Where is your spine? Your belly? Your heart? How does your weight feel like? Do you feel like moving or shifting your intent, or voice? Feel like stretching or yawning? Maybe dancing? Maybe you need to rest? Are you FEELING your body?
You may feel me here 😉 These questions, and certain playful process can unify mind and body, conscious and subconscious mind, and bring some harmony to our shape, allow us to regain our awareness and energy, and consciously embody our spirit.

We are human, and we have forgotten in many cases, how it is that a human is able to live in freedom through deep embodiment. We are born to live freely and play, and our ability to take an shape we need to as we need to, has been exhausted, capitalism/industry might be something we could point to when we look at this.
Many things that we do, we are internally enslaved to do, because we are taking the shape of the intentions of others/hive minds/thought forms/beings around us, simply because we have forgotten how to bask in the glory of our own presence.

I almost forgotten during my childhood and teenage years, but somehow I held onto this a little, I was SO weird my whole life, and now I know why lol. As I got older, I felt it in myself, and I chose to cultivate it. By permeating myself with presence through meditation, internal practices, and full body/full being engagement. I have learned a lot of tips and tricks I share in my sessions, they can be stepping stones for people to go deeper…but if you ever want to come play Vine of Life, the real “core” of this, is a deep, still open presence, and a wild sense of vitality and play, being able to adapt to both extremes, as one, united force.
Sometimes it is smooth and flowing like a river, sometimes spirit start hitting me, and possibly you with what feels like lightning bolts of re-awakening…
Root like a tree, flow like a river, burn like a fire, breath like the wind.
Eternally. Be. You. Love.