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The process of internal alchemy, more commonly stated, conscious adaptation/evolution, is simplistic in nature…just like the process of a tree, or a vine, growing is very simple in nature.
When you begin to think about it, all the details of the workings of a growing plant become complicated. Thinking about nature is futile. You can have thoughts about the nature of things during the process of growth, it is healthy to contemplate to a certain degree, but attempting to get anywhere or find out anything by thinking is quite absurd. It’s like attempting to travel by talking about the destination! Maybe some energetic momentum can be built via expression, but the potential that arose within the mind needs to be moved with and actualized with presence and deliberate action.

Like Einstein said, we must rise above the level of the problem to find solutions, and often our issues are rooted in our minds. There is more to the mind than just thought.
All actions that lead to your growth are deliberate, presence and will fuels our actions, making them powerful. The fact that they are deliberate does not mean that you were aware of the action needing to happen before you acted…it means that you were present enough to feel that the action needed to be taken, and further more that you were open to and conscious of the influence/energy/force that was moving you into action.

If clarity is maintained over time, the right actions will be easier to feel, as the force of their manifestation builds, like a storm, the air/experience becomes electric, and you are the conduit that bolts of life energy naturally flow through to achieve an arc of reality creation. How you channel this energy is everything. You are a prism through which this light passes, your shape, the form you are taking on through all levels of movement shapes everything else with how it passes the light through the shadows. Be aware of your thoughts and actions while, or before they take place, and either step into their current fully, or avoid that which is not of benefit to you. To evade certain currents in life, is to become alive and present enough to dictate what you are doing with the cards you are dealt, instead of suffering the consequences of not knowing how to play. Life teaches us to play.

When you do move into the current of an experience, move deliberately into action, allow the current to flow through you smoothly, sit up straight, breath calmly and smoothly, pay attention and see what magic waits for you. Nature/life teaches us how to change with it. We are innately included in life’s processes. We are the only ones who allow them to ever slow or stop. Nature breathes, listen to it’s breath change everything, allow yourself to recognize your breath and the breath of nature as one, and change everything…

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