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Living Prayer/Non-Doing as Spiritualbiosocial Terrain Modification(Alchemy)

What is prayer?
Is prayer limited to divinely directed internal dialogue? Should we limit our communion to the divine to only a mental muttering of our hopes and wishes? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it can be good to clarify ourselves mentally through repeated/cycled “thought mantra”, but prayer can be(is) SO much more.
If prayer is communion with the divine, why would we limit our communion to just stillness, just dialogue, just wording our issues to the creator, when our prayer could be an expression of our intention that weaves with and through our breath, posture, movement, dance and action on any or every level.
Our expression(not just mental, but physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual) is a prayer, this is why healthy humans crave creative expression and movement on all levels, we feel deep down that we must commune with the “divine/eternal” part of the animal..we feel fulfilled when we create from our spaciousness, when we bring something forth in the external from our internal emptiness, when we move from our stillness, or are still within the movement of our experience.


Patterns form in mind, in heart and in body which want to move, want to be expressed through movement. This can become speech, song, movement/motion, touch, sensation etc. All expression changes the physiology through the fluctuation of the vibration in the nervous system.
So the prayer of motion, made with intention of openness, creates space in the body. The prayer of breath brings life into the body. The prayer of song moves spirit into the world. Our prayer is not something we sit down and do at times, it is something we are always doing, and must become aware of, if we wish to commune more consciously with ourselves, and gain greater coherency in the “feedback” of life force always being reciprocated back from the emanations of our motion, be it thought, sensation or physical movement. Prayer is an expressive/intent filled “non-doing practice” when done in an open heart stance(with gratitude/reverence/pure intention).

The state of being we enter when moving dictates the power/magnetism with which we are praying, our will and intention, directs and feeds the current of spirit flowing through us and into our experience. The posture of our hearts, minds and bodies is how we adjust the perceptual antenna. An open mind allows for presences of attention and focus, an open heart allows for depth of feeling and awareness, an open body/field can ground focused awareness with will. Willing our focus into energetic tension nourishes the intention with energy as it is held…this, is a subtle but tangible felt sensation…everyone follow? Our intention is our prayer, and we can shift the focus of our intention in myriad ways to adjust what we are resonating with…resonance enhances/empowers or muddles our prayer. Deeper resonance of mind, body and spirit, as well as the human centers, with the earth/sun/solar system etc, feeds into our ability to move with life flow, and express that life flow through our minds and bodies. Expression of life force through the mind-body interface is prayer, a ripple of experience causing emanations to flow forth. When we feel ourselves as deeply as we can, rest in a truly open heart/mind/body  posture the best that we can, and allow whatever bubbles up from with to arise and be expressed, we are noticing our prayers. Notice how they may not be what you would like them to be…we can be constantly emanating our self-doubt/loathing/fear/anxiety/frustration within and from our minds and bodies and not be aware of it until we notice what is arising in our silence while we are present with it…and as we empty ourselves of all unnecessary activity, silence becomes our prayer.

Silence is the prayer of everything, for everything, of nothing, for nothing…silence is the most powerful prayer, as instead of seeking what is to come from the stillness, we become the stillness , and we begin to saturate ourselves within and therefor emanate the creative force in it’s purest essence. In this state, the mind and the body are absorbed by spirit, and transformation occurs, as the mind and the body are informed(formed, molded, re-birthed) by the still movement of the life force. In this way, prayer is felt experience of a recognition of our internal/spiritual alchemy, a communion with change on every level as it happens. Being present with the process of creation aids in the flow of the creative process…in the same way that we need to be “open and present” with ourselves to let a song, music, dance etc “move through us”, it really does take at least the same level of presence to allow anything in our experience to move through us the way that it potentially can…the potential of flow can be seen in the trance state of shamans, the “zone” of inspired artists, athletes and dancers, or the indescribable strength of a lady lifting a car to save her baby underneath…these are all cases where someone “gets out of the way” and allows spirit to pour through. This is prayer coming full circle in a moment, and becoming the experience immediately. This is when prayer comes alive, through the internal ecstatic communion, when the focal point of the spirit becomes one with the heart(assemblage point) of the body, and it becomes incredibly alive to us, the “lines of communication” are naturally repaired in this state, and are empowered by it, allowing us to connect with nature, by being nature. Communication informs the creative process of the bodies(physical and subtle), and every body has a language, if not more than one. What are you saying to yourself and your experience with the languages of posture, movement, intention, sound, touch, thought and feeling? Do you agree with that? What do you want to say? How does that feel in your body? How does your expression move/breath/sound/touch through you? Are we aware of the force that is moving us? Notice how the desire to sink/drop with gravity, as well as to be lifted by the levity of our presence, and how when the drop and lift are felt at the same time, there is a movement that happens, those forces are churning, mixing and flowing, and the breath and body follow this primordial movement when allowed to, and it goes beyond prayer and communion, into grace and union.

Be still and keep moving <3

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