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Investment in Loss

Investment in loss is the principle of embracing and learning from what you may perceive as being challenges, obstacles, mistakes or a lack of development. It is about embracing exactly where you’re at in the moment, in comparison with how/where you’d like to be, especially regarding your goals, whether they be in training, business, health or any general matter in your life that one moves through as they develop, grow and evolve. When you are investing in loss, you are(ideally) appreciating, accepting and even gaining insight from any lack of skill, competency pr insight from your current level of perception and ability.

When someone is displeased to the point of aggravation with their current circumstances, level of alignment or ability and how things are going for them in the moment, they will very likely be missing out on what lessons they could learn and what would potentially nourish their growth in any or all ways. Were they seeing their “set backs” as more of a “stepping back”, their slow development, mistakes or mishaps could become something enabling and not disabling. Mistakes allow us to learn, moving slowly through a process can aid in the filling out of our foundational knowledge and skills…if we rush through things without allowing for ourselves to invest in the loss of time we could sacrifice doing things as well as we possibly could, then even if we go through the process/training/event, than we will not have gotten as much out of it as we potentially could have.

Investment in loss requires the development and maintenance of a certain level of physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual neutrality. One needs to be open enough to be able to perceive their own lack of alignment/harmony without harsh judgement or criticism…instead, it is possible to  learn to be critical, without emotionally charged  judgement, allowing you to perceive the “whats, whys and hows” of any perceived problems, challenges, issues or shortcomings. When someone is more neutral in this way(neutral, not numb, feeling fully, just remaining clear and fairly calm), they are able to remain flexible in ways that allow for one to perceive their path more clearly, beyond circumstances and challenges, gaining insight into how it’s possible to adjust, learn and grow for anything/everything.
Investment in loss, is like allowing the neuroplasticity of the nervous system to become more cohesive over a longer period of time, providing a deeper insight or power…in comparison to just forcing yourself to do something, like body building, where the nervous system(and overall health) is often compromised for large gains in a short period of time. This is why investment in loss is such a big deal in Tai Chi Chuan and the internal arts, but not so much in body building and “external” athletics. Investment in loss, allows for acquired knowledge of deep, foundational principles, where the common type of “full steam ahead” type of learning and growing can leave massive gaps, and can cause more harm than good in the end in many cases. If one is deeply investing in loss, you will have a better quality of growth, and you may even speed up you growth/evolution as well, as you will not have wasted as much time going in what may be the “wrong direction”, and you will have built yourself up to be as balanced, perceptive, healthy and clear headed as possible.
This can be done in all life paths, all disciplines, all sports, all activities, and any business ventures, and is how we can gain vast insight into all areas of our lives. SO, when things are going slow, or seemingly not going at all for you…take advantage of having been forced to step back, and take the opportunity to take a good look at what’s ahead of you, see what you can learn, how you can adapt, where you’re lacking and how you can strengthen yourself or the quality of your action plan…then plod ahead! Don’t rush, don’t force it all the time, just be aware and keep going!
Be like water, water does not rush, it does not force it’s path, it simply perseveres.

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