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Vine of Life Alchemy Qigong

On three various dates Vine of Life Alchemy will be presenting an introduction to Qigong Health Practices and Neigong Internal Cultivation. The evening of the 10th, the afternoon of the 18th and the Morning of the 26th. This is to accommodate as many people from as many time zones as I can who are interested.
If you join us for one, you’re welcome to join all three events, or just the date that works best for you.
We will exploring warming up and transforming qualities of the body, the balancing of the mind and nourishing of the spirit through regulation of internal pressure and flow of information using potent intention, posture and breath.

If there is enough interest this can go on bi-monthly, or even monthly!

The practices will explore the spectrum of somatic, to energetic to shamanic in their nature and expression, as we explore these facets of our own being.

The practices we may cover first will include(but will not be excluded to);

-Building the Ball
-Standing Post/World Tree Exercises
-Ji Ben(Foundational) Qigong
-Unifying Heaven and Earth Neigong
-Mirroring the Four Seasons to the Eight Directions
-Five Element Qigong and Five Animal Frolic
-Neigong and Meditation

$50-80(CAD$) sliding scale price
Be sure you are able to access a computer to watch a youtube livestream and that you check your email to receive your invitation on the day of the class!

Payment through paypal HERE-

For etransfers in Canada(save on fees) contact by email.

Contact us if you have any questions/for more details, email @