Vine of Life Alchemy Sessions-Shamanism, Qigong, Clairvoyant, Neurocellular Release

Vine of Life Alchemy Sessions

Through a unique blend of holistic consultation, somatic exploration, energy medicine, breath work, repatterning and embodiment(internal cultivation/neurosensory) coaching, I am passionate about sharing what I know and facilitating transformation and healing in others.

Taking years of practice and study in the healing/transformatice/internal arts(reiki, reflexology, acupressure, qi gong/neigong, taijiquan, somatic modalities etc.) and combining the skills, attributes and techniques these modalities offer, with a dedicated practice of shamanism as well as the principles of internal alchemy, I offer a special blend of insight, guidance, facilitation and education.

These sessions are very much for everyone, and can help anyone where they’re at by offering tools and facilitation in regulating their nervous system, opening the body and clearing the energetic body, allowing them to begin cultivating a more grounded and centered way of being, leading to greater health and vitality. These sessions are also very useful as coaching sessions for someone with a dedicated personal practice, any sort of legitimate “yoga” or internal cultivation work…but these sessions also serve as a foundation for those who simply want to feel and know what these things are, and how to “begin at the beginning” by creating a foundation of knowledge, perception and experience necessary for one to feel comfortable moving forward on their path!

In a session, we usually begin with creating a foundational understanding of why the body is holding onto pain and trauma. Education about the nervous system and the energetic dynamics about emotional energy is very important to being able to feel and transform these patterns. I share some basic skills of grounding, centering, orienting, containing and resourcing so we can maintain a safe space of listening, exloration and transformation. I will move between reading a client’s energy and sharing insight about what spirit is showing me, and leading the client into neurosensory exercises I call “body gazing”, to allow more awareness and space to be created in the body. As space/openness is cultivated through awareness, the body creates a capacity to handle the flow of their emotions and sensations. As this occurs, more and more can be released/let go of/transformed. I facilitate with energy work(and bodywork in person), and clarivoyant gazing…but the real work is in sharing with the client how they can cultivate resiliency through the neurosensory work, as well as potential internal cultivation and meditation once the client is ready.

Email Clearings-$40/30 mins or $60/hour
(An email clearing is long distance where we don’t connect personally, I just tune in and work on doing clearings and empowerments for you personally and give you a report on what I was picking up on and potentially some general guidance which may come through)

Skype/Hangout sessions-
$60-100 for an hour or two. We work with where you’re at, I do clearings and empowerments for you and we chat about and put into practice how you can create more health, harmony and transformation in alignment with your personal path.

If you want ongoing teaching, insight and support, I have a patreon channel with ongoing teachings on this type of work on various levels.

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