Inner Alchemy Sessions

Vine of Life Inner Alchemy Sessions, are part of my contribution to the world.

Through a unique blend of holistic consultation, somatic exploration, energy medicine, breath work, repatterning and embodiment(internal cultivation) coaching, I can assist you in your journey towards harmony, health and happiness!

Taking years of practice and study in the eastern healing arts(reiki, reflexology, acupressure, qi gong, taijiquan) and combining the skills, attributes and technques these modalities offer, with a dedicated practice of organic shamanism and as well as a unique view and application of the principles of internal alchemy, I offer a special blend of insight, guidance, facilitation and education. Theses session are particularly useful for someone with a dedicated personal/transpersonal practice, such as anyone working with the Vine of Life coursework material, or any sort of legitimate “yoga” or internal cultivation work…but these sessions also serve as a foundation for those who simply want to feel and know what these things are, and how to “begin at the beginning” by creating a foundation of knowledge, perception and experience necessary for one to feel comfortable moving forward on their path!

Playfully guided by spirit, I aid in the perceptual, bioenergetic/psychosomatic and spiritual development, by not only “giving away fish”, but “teaching how to fish”. The goal of these sessions, are not just to have someone walk away feeling renewed or refreshed from some kind of “energetic waxing”, but to have the client to release blockages and be able to FEEL their life force, ALIGN their mind, body and spirit(knowing them as one), and walk away KNOWING more about how to live a life in alignment with their innate potential!

If you wish to book a session, here’s the link to the scheduling page!