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Inner Alchemy, Embodiment, Bigu Qigong/Fasting, Intent and the “Vital State”

I don’t believe that our current modern understanding of metabolism and knowledge about food is as accurate as we’d like to believe. Yes we can consume food, we should…but how much do we actually need? What our body is capable of is based on it’s patterning and economy. I personally see my body as a collective of information, informed by an underlying unity, a pure awareness, directed by an Intent, bathed in mystery…but I can feel it, be breathed and moved by it, I can talk with people and see this in them, where life flows and where they are weakened. I seek to transmit a practical, perceptual knowledge through my work which leads to a deeper relationship with this mystery of self/universe/life.

Economy=the study of home. Is your body, and your life truly economical?
In the natural sense of the word, ecology is a study of home/habitat…and is our body not the temple in which we dwell? In any given moment where is our spirit? Our mind? Where is our attention?
The assemblage point of our awareness is formed and moved by our intent…what is your intent in each moment? Where is your intent focused? How? Can you notice if it’s in the world/cultural beliefs? In your mental field/thoughts?  In your head/perception? Your feeling/emotion/heart? Or is your intent honed in on itself, your own core/gut/assemblage point? How do we free ourselves? By knowing our core being.
Forget about your body for a minute, rethink where movement and action comes from. First and foremost, technically you are the INTENT itself.
Where is the innervating charge of that intent in your body? Can you feel it penetrate your being? You can feel it animate your fluids/tissues without moving occurring? Can you feel it deepen as it saturates you inducing sensations that seem more than physical? Can you feel the harsh thoughts and boundaries dissolving into your breath like a cold body warm up in the warmth of the sun? We all have felt the depths of how bad we can feel, but have you ever been dedicated to exploring how wonderful and at peace you can feel?

Feel this in your heart, your mind, your belly…feel your whole body radiating like the sun, or reflecting and inducing rhythm and flow like the moon…
Do you notice that within stillness, and listening, there is a great deal happening? The activity of an entire universe is happening within you, and you have most likely been ignoring this for almost your entire life, maybe since childhood…
Your pain, your illness, your craving…it is your natural force of being trying to awaken from the inside out…communicating with you. There is a deeper intent/force that wishes to move and live through us if we practice allowing it to move an breath us. We can live in constant meditation if we choose to feel into it, connect, commune, awaken our intent and awareness from within, feel it invigorate our senses and awaken clarity. If we did this we would find that we are able to listen to our body, and create it anew through the decisions which we then make from a place of impeccable knowing through simplicity. We would be able to cleanse our bodies, eat simply and naturally and energize/nourish our being mostly from having such a state of internal economy. Harmony.
Our temples being so free of non-sense, we would be able to fathom and achieve “superhuman” states of efficiency, quite naturally. People call this “pranic consciousness”, “breatharianism”, “bigu qigong state” “spiritual fasting” etc.

At some levels we see Intent demonstrated in athletics, or moments of human courage or heroic deeds, states of deep mind, deep heart and deep body coming into manifestation at our times of need. The scenario of a mother lifting a car off of a child in a moment of extreme “I HAVE TO DO THIS” type of Intent, beyond words at that point of course. The power we can tap can come to us unconsciously at times…but through a deep state embodied consciousness, and a dissolving of personal history and beliefs, we can literally reform the body and our entire state of being, including what/how we eat.

The key to healing and natural intermittent or long term fasting is that we must choose to become deeply honest with ourselves to become embodied. We cannot be denyig ourselves truth and forgiveness within ourselves and still try to awaken our energy, our breath and our minds. We must harmonize with a greater Intent. We could call this the higher mind/higher self, Spirit, Tao etc. Something speaks to us when we begin to listen all the time, we need to deeply open our hearts to it and dedicate our health and wellness to something beyond just health and wellness…We serve humanity greatly through our own internal healing. Our being communicates through physical means, as well as through perception/manifestation in amazing ways, and when we listen, we can “stack our energy” and become incredibly absorbed by this life force and simply need less and use less energy, as we are in states of “non-doing”.

We can actually begin to CREATE the potential for “more energy” through our action and especially our non-action. It’s an illusion to say more or less energy is ever “personally owned”, as this is simply beginning to know the nature of Intent…energy just flows, as life and nature simply flow, alive and continuing, eternal…thus our being is the same, cycling, alive and eternal. We can learn to surf the ebb and flow of this life current as it is manifest in our breath and movement. We can act from this place and allow self-organization/healing/transformation to occur.

When we feel the depth/subtleness of our body, emotion and mind of our being through releasing tension into the ever-present torrent of breath and pure awareness that we are, we find the energy, the field of awareness and the indescribable potency of our “second and third attention”. We awaken from the mundane, to the subtle, to the spacious and we can become a being that lives, breathes and sustains oneself from a deeper source of energy, able to connect to the force and mystery of life directly from within, this occurs when one lives in harmony with the Intent.  Eating or not isn’t even the real thing at that point, you just start to feel like eating lighter or getting away from food sometimes(or ALL the time for some people!), the real question is “what are your habits, emotions, actions allowing you to realize in your life? Where are you blocking yourself?”
This includes what we eat, and most food these days isn’t real food, and things that do not nourish us, can get in the way of us being as in tune as we’d like. Again, our body knows, listen. We eat lighter and more naturally if we go through this process and listen to our bodies. We can FEEL and SEE what life is to us, and if you’re in such a state of listening, you learn quickly, and your body adapts quickly. This is in my opinion(and the opinion of many others!)the best way to approach fasting and cleansing of the body…not through trying to rid of something, but in finding your heart and wholeness through become aligned with what nourishes your life. We can call this, achieving the “Vital State” of man.

If you would ever like to explore the principles of embodiment and the cultivation of one’s relationship with Intent and Energy, feel free to contact me through the website, or directly via or find me @Jordan Lavigne on facebook