How Do I Get More Awareness/Freedom/Health/Energy?



Most of us have, or still do tend to separate our perception of “energy” from our bodies, our minds and our movement, based on our physically anchored perception we are raised with. We tend to separate it from our food, from our clothes, and from our activities, thinking that those things couldn’t affect something so “mystical” or “subtle”, when our experiences of physical reality are so obvious and mundane.
This is where things get messed up for anyone seeking greater clarity, depth, presence and vitality. EVERYTHING in our experience is “energy”.
Yes, many of us know this as an idea, we think about it, we talk about it, we accept that everything is made out of energy…yet so much of the time, we do not think we have the ability to interact with it directly, in order to change anything in our lives in a powerful way. The truth is, that even though we don’t recognize it, every single thing we do, and avoid¬†doing, effects our energy. We can think of this in very practical terms…energy, not as the “subtle force of life” that spirituality implies, but as we speak of it in daily life…

“I have so much energy!”
“I just don’t have the energy…”
“I wish I had enough/more energy.”
“This place has great energy!”
“The concert was amazing, the energy of the crowd was electric!”

Most if not all of us recognize how it is possible to feel a place, a group, an event, or ourselves, as energy(an experiential, internal feeling based perception), or a lack of it. This is how we recognize energy without a depth of experience/practice/training, as “AMAZING”, or “CRAP!”, as we have not paid attention to the more subtle aspects of ourselves and our lives. We tend to only recognize the energy of our experience with it’s extreme highs or lows, when the energy is over flowing completely, or utterly lacking. To mend this, I personally just started to pay attention to how every single thing in my experience caused subtle(or not so subtle) changes in my body, and how that moved into an emotional and/or mental experience. As I began to pay attention to that, and the subtle became more obvious, I also noticed the ways in which my mental and emotional fluctuations effected my body, and how that in turn effected the way I was acting, and therefor what kinds of experiences I was having. As I kept paying attention to these cycles, as well as taking appropriate action to rectify reactions and to respond consciously, feeding presence and conscious actions/movements into the cyclic patterning of my experience, I began to change dramatically. The change was not in who I was/am, but in how much of myself I could experience directly, and how directly I was being present and aware of my own experience. As the actions come more and more from this “moreness” of Self(big S, true self, the one being exposed and incarnated by your deepening perception), instead of from the illusory sense of self/ego, your demeanor, perception, emotions and mind state start to reflect the growing capacity for spirit that you are cultivating…simply through your choices to come from the right place in every single moment possible. Every time you choose to look deeper, feel deeper, and act from a deeper, more heart felt place, it literally changes your biology.

So back to energy, how does this all tie in?
Every single thought, word, emotion and action has a direct effect on every single part of you, this has been proven by science, in psychosomatic studies and beyond. Every single bite of food that is a bit too much or of the “wrong” thing for your current state of being, every single time you slouch for too long, forget to breath deeply, forget to stretch, forget to stop worrying, forget to care, care about the wrong things, and especially put attention on your body instead of what’s effecting your body, you are allowing your attention to be enslaved by the world, by your experience, and it drains you of energy. This prevents any pronounced experience of healing, change and personal/spiritual growth.
I have found that by igniting myself in those very simple areas of life, I gained an extremely deep awareness and some very profound “spiritual/energetic skills”, in a fairly short period of time.
This was of course added to qi gong, shamanic work and other types of movement and meditation, but all experiences are at their core, the same type of experience, simply energy moving in different ways…and we can learn how to pay attention to it within any experience!

When your habits are the tools of a control mechanism(like mainstream society), even a little bit, you will be lacking in the energy, power and will that you could use to do anything from just allow yourself feel better and maybe heal an imbalance/disease, or even activate potential powers/siddhis(which we all have the potential to do, clairvoyance, telekinesis, invulnerability etc. they’re actually quite natural once you live naturally[from spirit]).


I can’t speak for anyone else, but we are all human so I think this all makes sense for everyone, and I found that when I took complete responsibility for my energy, my movement(static posture included), my emotions and my thoughts, and all patterns of experience related to them, and I began to either hold back, or pour into the patterns as needed, I began to peel back layers of masks, illusions, lies and imbalance that we preventing me from experiencing the depth of my soul through this body and my reality. Of course I’m still working at this and will be for the rest of my life, but I have gained a keen awareness of myself and others, as well as the dynamics of reality around me, that keeps me in a deep awareness of the cause/movement/effect of every little thing around me, and the impact it all has on how I feel/my energy level.

The most simple¬†form of this practice is just placing your awareness on your body, and feeling the direct effect of a sensation. Any placement of awareness on the physical organism has an effect that you can feel, it might be extremely subtle at first, but the more you come back to this action, the more you feel. Your nervous system springs into action any time there is stimulus and sensation. Your attention/focused mind, emotional state, physical relaxation and breath can all begin to work together to cause immediate changes on the body as you simply feel it, just like the more push ups you do, the more you feel your arms, chest, core and legs all working together to allow you to do better push ups. Feel the tip of your finger right now for a few moments…feel it tingle…THAT IS ENERGY. All sensation you feel, is the informative nature of energy, informing your body as to how to feel based on it’s memory of reaction and/or response to the stimulus effecting you. If you do not “own” your body with your own attention, than your past, other’s thoughts and emotions, the environment and everything else around you will shape and mold you…you are always being created, in every moment. Either you allow your awareness, and the energy flow created from it shape and mold you, or everything else in your experience will. If you do not have the level of internal attention to hold your form/energy than you will try to use food and all other manners of external matter and experience to change yourself, which can work, but it’s very difficult for many of us, as it is an indirect form of experience compared to your own awareness simply leading the energy into/through you. If you have enough awareness/energy, you can use food, material and circumstances, either neutrally, without harm, or successfully, but at times you will see how little that is needed as your awareness grows, as everything you do for your own good begins to nourish you more and more. Just sitting, breathing, moving in place, begin in nature etc, becomes fascinating and innately energizing, as you have freed yourself of all distractions that would have previously lead your attention, and therefor your energy away from your body.

The more that your attention, awareness, presence, thought, feeling and action lead inward in a balanced way(without bias or preconception/judgement you could say), the more energy you will have to live as you would like, as this gaining of internal awareness is the most freeing thing that can happen to a human being. Just as an amazing body awareness will lead to an amazing freedom of movement(like in martial arts, gymnastics or calisthenics), an amazing feeling awareness will lead to a freeing up of how you feel on a day to day basis, so that you do not have to try and escape your life to find peace or happiness, but you find that you are so free, and that peace and happiness, as well as awareness and energy are simply present, because you allow enough space within yourself for it to be so.

Be still and keep moving <3

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