Freeing the Mind and Body, Nourishing the Spirit-Holding Space and Creating Openness


I’m going to share probably the most simple and profound way that I know to enhance your life in all ways and catalyze your health, growth and evolution. People in the spiritual community may have heard others say “I’m holding space for [this or that]” or “Please hold space for me!”…but has anyone ever talked about how to do that? How do we hold space? How do we feel and recognize it in the first place and how do we create more of it in a real and practical way?
This is how you can access more of your humanness as well as the “shamanic” part of yourself, which is in everyone…it’s accessed when you hollow yourself out, when you empty all the crap we tend to hold onto, and start to hold onto space…cuz space is where spirit can reside(this is why having an “open” heart, mind and body is so helpful and why it feels so good…it’s what everyone craves, usually without knowing it).

We usually identify with ourselves as our bodies, and further more we identify mostly with our tension, pain and “solidity”…and we basically end up feeling closed down, and like solid rocks(calcified) by the time we’re in our 40s, 50s or 60s…or even sooner. When is the last time you noticed where you felt empty in your body? There is basically a ton of “hollow” areas in the body naturally, the lungs being very noticeable, which is why the breath is so important in spiritual practices, or any type of exercise…in order to move, we need space to move, externally and internally as well.
We would move some stuff out of our ways to move around a room, so why do we tend to not move ourselves around to make room within the body? Notice your posture as you read this. Are you folding in half at the diaphragm while sitting at your computer? Or are you sitting up straight? Whatever you’re doing, notice HOW you’re doing it and how empty you feel…if you sit up, hunch back into your previous position and notice how you’re closing down at the solar plexus, like a bent straw. If you were sitting up, are you forcing yourself into the position with some sort of strain? Or are you allowing your body to relax, while allowing the flowing movement of your breath to keep you inflated on the inside?
The breath wants to move in a circle, up from your core, expanding the spin and filling the chest and head as well as the arms, then down through the heart/chest, through the abdomen into into your sexual organs and legs…notice if you’re allowing yourself to take full breaths, and notice how a full breath feels in your body, it moves you all over the place…how much are you allowing the breath to move you?

Now, you can adjust your posture in any way to be more physically aligned, that’s great, but do you feel open in your body while doing it? Notice the emptiness of the lungs, or maybe, the throat, maybe it’s your head, or your legs or your hands where you feel the most relaxed, the most spacious, and see if you can “spread out” that space. Tense and relax your entire body and see if you’re tension and openness are as evenly distributed as they can be…just the act of feeling your internal structure and sensations will be a great learning experience.

The easiest and most beneficial area to notice is the center line of your body. If you were to draw a line all the way through your center/core from the highest part of your head to the ground, is it open like a tube? Or is it cut off somewhere? Does the tube cut off at the shoulders or hips? Or does it keep feeling open through them as well? Move your arms, your neck, hips and legs, and your spine as much as you can in comfortable ways, stretch like you would when you awaken from a wonderful nap, or like a cat who’s been lying in the warmth of the sun…notice how much more open you feel? Now notice any space that you’ve created, and notice that as you go through the rest of your day that certain thoughts, emotions and stresses will act like a force that compress this space…go through the motions again and be sure to take back that space if it’s been lost. If you lost it completely, notice how it felt. This is why trees are great example…think of how it would feel to be a tree, completely rooted, weight set firmly into the earth, yet completely filled with presence, eternally extended, reaching and growing eternally, strong as can be, yet with space enough within you for fluid to flow through and nourish even the smallest bud and leaf. Empty your center and core, then empty your limbs, then empty into the ground and into the sky…feel the movement of life within the space, instead of the stuckness of impending death caused by the stiffness of looped thoughts, stifled emotions and ignored tension.



“Open yourself to life, like you would to the most intimate of lovers”(from a poem of mine called “An Ocean Called Life”)

When we feel “turned on” by life, our energy system is literally ON. When we feel turned off by life, we literally lose our force field, and therefor our space. Every day, every hour, every moment even, check in on your space, do it until it’s a habit, until it’s second nature, and hold it…not with force, but with THE force, your internal awareness and attention, your will, your breath, your movement. Allow everything that you are to expand from within you, through your identification with the space that you are. Notice that when you identify with stress, emotion, thought, and the external experience, instead of the internal experience, that the force will weigh down on you, instead of animate and inflate you.

Find ways to animate yourself, not with stimulation, but with natural experience and internal awareness and you will find that this skill of self-animation is the most useful and powerful thing you can do to take with you into every experience you can have, from sitting meditation, to desk work, to rock climbing, to sexual interactions…it is how we all for our energy and spirit to create deep and impactful experiences IN your body. This is how all beings take part in natural growth, learning, adaptation and evolution, via the effect that their experience has on their inner space…our interaction with space via our consciousness molds everything that we are. Our awareness is directed by our attention, space is felt with our intention, and it is animated and moved by our will. This is not a physical thing, it can happen not only in your own body, but in others as well…this is basic reiki or pranic healing when done with neutral and loving intention.
We only feel “empty” in a negative sense when we are not present within our space…when our presence fills the space of our being, it is actually very possibly the most freeing thing a human being can feel! I could actually replace the word “emptiness” with “fullness” in this context. So what we are going for is mind-full-ness, heart-full-ness and body-full-ness. We are not filling ourselves with thoughts, emotional stimulation and tension, but with presence!

You can hold space for healthy thoughts, feelings and experiences by applying your will to not only your body space, but your “heart space”(where the feeling of soul interacts with feeling of body) and “mind space”(where presence of mind interacts with presence of spirit..this is your consciousness or whatever :P) as well. You can hold space in yourself and others, and in all areas of your life…not just to make your ego feel good with visualization and wishful thinking, but as an actual act of will upon reality…practice with the body, notice the body is not a thing, but a space, and expand your awareness to all space(s) with recognition of it all being one with you…and have fun exploring yourself as everything!

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Be still and keep moving <3

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