Sessions and Consulting Packages

Single Cairvoyant Energy Reading/Body Gazing/Energy Work Session and/or Internal Arts Training-$80-120.00(CAD)/hour

OR get a deal on multiple sessions!

Vine of Life AlchemyConsultation Packages;
-Energy Management(Self-Regulation Methodology i.e; Grounding, Centering, Balancing and Refining Breath, Movement and Energy Dynamics)
-Heart Posture and Perceptual Training
-Basic Shamanic Energy Work Instruction(can include foundations of qigong, neigong and taijiquan, as well as “gazing”(training perception and “second sight”), inner/body gazing, recapitulation, inner journeying and meditation)
-Personalized Clairvoyant Energy Reading
*$200.00(CAD) for 2 sessions and a week of continuing guidance through email/private message.
*$260(CAD) for 3 sessions and a week of continued guidance
*$340(CAD) for 4 sessions and personal guidance


Thank you!