Cultivating Harmony and Coherency of Change Via Movement-The Process of Natural Yoga


The process of true yoga is to constantly and/or consistently hold space within the body. Eternally coming back to the act of freeing tension through relaxation and re-establishing tension through biodynamic breath, movement and stillness...tensegretic stillness is filled with movement and movement is sourced from stillness. We can become infinitely aware of how our stillness and movement are sourced from each other, and we can smooth the process of interaction between facets of our reality, be it body, mind or soul. The mind should be allowed to become free of boundaries, limits and patterns through the stretch and exhale, so that new, organic and coherent patterns may be formed/re-formed through spacious movement and the inhale.

Each breath, stretch, release and movement pattern that is moved through in a new way begins to re-form us, and frees us from our psychophysical, perceptual and spiritual caging. Every free/spacious movement pattern that is re-produced, re-enforces our presence, will and strength within our current psychophysical, perceptual and spiritual “limits”.
One who enjoys personal growth is always after strength, but to become truly powerful, one must always also be freeing themselves of their strength, less it become what cages them. Strength is of no use if it cannot be carried into the future with ease and depth of presence. It is not strength itself, but the freedom to tap our potential strength freely and with ease that is sought after…it is freedom of strength is that which so many people dream of.
When you tap into the force of life/movement/growth within your body/mind/soul(all sort of the same “thing”), and are open and present, you WILL be moved by it. As long as you do not hold yourself still and struggle internally, life will always move you.

Where ever life is, there is movement…where you find movement has not arrived in the body in your experience of yoga, life has lost it’s grip, or death has grabbed hold. Fill the shadows in your psychophysical line of sight with light…fill the numbness, tension and pain in your body with presence, with breath, with movement, deliberately and with a relaxed determination and life will prevail once again. By opening your body and anchoring your presence through it by breathing with life’s ebb and flow, death once again becomes your foundation, instead of it rotting your support beams. You will return to the earth eventually, allow death to be there waiting, allow it to trail behind and below, inspiring you to move…but ALWAYS allow life to move through you, allow it to fill you until it moves you to living thought, word and action…then you will find the peace of union that you will want to yolk constantly. It will not be an effort, it will be a joy to remain present with your impermanence…you will heal and change naturally, into more of who you are, which is the earth, the sky, and everything in and between presenting itself as an experience…enjoy!

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